• The way to spiritualism is through isolation and battle with nature. Guests discover the history of the largest monastic community in Greece | Kalambaka, Thessaly

  • Come closer with the sea and experience living for a week with authentic local fishermen on a desolate island | Lefkada Island, Heptanese-Ionian Sea

  • Join our crew to the “Pythian games” and let the winner receive a wreath of bay laurel | Delphi, Fokida

  • Take a last glimpse of the famed wind mills of Mykonos before the sunset and start your night walks in the lively streets of the island | Mykonos Island, Cyclades

  • Explore sea caves in Marathonisi islet, a breading place for the sea turtles Caretta-Caretta | Zakynthos Island, Heptanese-Ionian Sea

  • Discover seaside villages and get invited for cooking lessons by traditional fishermen living in their iconic white houses with big colourful wooden doors | Milos Island, Cyclades

  • Enter through the remnants of the King Minos’s Palace at the ancient city of Knossos, the oldest city in Europe, dated from 2,000 BC and relive the myths of the Minotaur Labyrinth and the flight of Icarus | Heraklion, Crete

  • Dive in the Aegean water and explore secrets of one of the most legendary seas in the world | Aegean Sea, Greece

Kudos’ mission is to assist you in discovering the real Greece in a way that perfectly matches with your special style and aspirations. With a profound knowledge of Greece and with a committed team that are true experts in their respective fields and passionate about every detail, we are determined to live up to any expectation.

After understanding your exact interests, we shape and deliver a truly bespoke travel experience. This may include unique discoveries in the areas of Art, History, Gastronomy and Culture which are presented in the most creative way and at the most captivating locations.The experiences may extend to deeply enriching Personal Development retreats, captivating Outdoor adventures or magical Yachting journeys in the paradisiac Greek turquoise and emerald waters.

Depending on the type of experience you will be looking for, a dedicated travel expert-manager will be in charge of planning and managing your whole journey, ensuring a flawless experience. He or she will be your private escort and personal butler where and when assistance and facilitation is needed. Our role is to provide experiences with depth and substance that are impossible for the independent traveller to achieve on his own. We work only with passionate experts and have discovered that Greece is a land of dreams where no dream is beyond our reach.